Why Are You Blogging? 5 Reasons Why Bloggers Blog

Exactly how many blogs there are on the internet now that we are in 2017 is almost impossible to know. Realistically, we can conservatively assume that there are millions. In early 2012, Neilson/McKinley estimated there were over 181 Million blogs – and that was almost 6 years ago. Some stats from 2016 are here. Interestingly, […] Read more…

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How to Create a #PinterestHashtagStrategy

How to create a Pinterest Hastag Strategy to get more traffic to your blog

  Pinterest is allowing and promoting the use of hashtags on the platform now and I think this is really exciting! I suspect they finally caved to the unspoken “peer pressure” from other platforms and brands that are using hashtags and are so commonplace now in online marketing. I have never been one to use […] Read more…

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Add a Side Hustle to Bring in More Monthly Income

36 Ways to Side Hustle

Why add a Side Hustle to your life? There are lots of great advantages to adding a side hustle to your life (I know, life is already busy but I believe everyone should have a side hustle). Job security just isn’t there for most of us anymore and we need to create our own form […] Read more…

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How I Lost 42 Lbs in 86 Days

How I Lost 42 Lbs in 86 Days

This year I decided to take my health by the horns and get serious about my weight. I have battled my weight since about 10 years of age and I just turned 48. As a newly single mom of two girls (one in university, the other in grade 3), I knew that I had to […] Read more…

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